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Dental Checkups & Cleanings

How Often Should I See the Dentist?

In most cases, our team recommends that children and adults alike should visit us at least twice a year, or once every six months. Why? Because unfortunately, even the most diligent brushers and flossers can still end up falling victim to troubling dental problems, many of which aren’t even noticeable to patients until they’re reached advanced stages. By visiting Dr. Cocco at regular intervals, her expert eye can discover signs of damage and decay right away. Has it been too long since your last checkup and cleaning? Contact our Ann Arbor, MI location today!

What Happens During a Checkup?

Older woman smiling in dental chairDuring your regular checkup, our team’s goal is to thoroughly understand all the ins and outs of your one-of-a-kind smile. We’ll visually inspect each tooth, the gum tissue, the jaw, any restorative work, and more to assess its status, and X-rays will reveal any concerning symptoms that aren’t visible on the surface of your smile. Once we have all of this valuable information at our disposal, Dr. Cocco can work with you in order to create the right treatment plan for your unique needs.

What Happens During a Cleaning?

Woman receiving dental examCleanings are important as well because they give us a chance to clear away decay-causing plaque that is most likely clinging to your teeth and gums. Plaque is easy enough to get rid of when you brush your teeth, but missed areas can develop into the much harder and more stubborn tartar. Tartar can only be removed by professionals, and our talented team is more than up to the task. We’ll also eliminate any minor staining we see from your enamel, leaving you with a smile that both looks and feels refreshed.

While most patients will be fine with just two checkups and cleanings a year, we may recommend that people with moderate to severe periodontal disease or extreme sensitivity to tooth decay visit more often. This way, we can help them better manage their oral health over time!

Checkup and Cleaning FAQs

Patient at checkup

Dr. Cocco knows that it’s important for patients to feel comfortable and well-informed about the care they receive from their dentist in Ann Arbor. You should always feel free to voice any concerns or ask for clarification if you’re feeling uncertain about something regarding your oral health. Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we’ve received.



When Should I Bring My Child in For Their First Dental Appointment?

You may be surprised to learn that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your infant starts receiving regular dental checkups and cleanings within six months of the first tooth erupting, or as early as their first birthday! This is essential for making sure cavities don’t disrupt their dental development; a decayed baby tooth could cause problems for the adult tooth underneath. Dr. Cocco can also give parents advice for taking care of their little one’s smile, such as possibly avoiding orthodontic work in the future by discouraging thumb-sucking.

What Happens If a Cavity Is Found?

The earlier a cavity is detected, the easier it is to treat. Smaller cavities can easily be filled in with a tooth-colored material. Larger areas of decay, however, might need a dental crown to prevent further damage and hold the tooth together. In severe cases, a cavity might have advanced to the point where a root canal is necessary; in a worst-case scenario, the tooth will need to be removed altogether. We’ll examine the current state of your teeth and provide an appropriate treatment plan. With regular appointments, we’re more likely to find potential problems before too much damage is done!

What if a Tooth is Missing?

Missing teeth can have some serious hidden consequences. Not only will they impair your ability to eat and speak normally, but the empty space will cause the remaining teeth to drift out of place and create all kinds of alignment issues.

There are various kinds of restorations that can replace missing teeth and let you function normally again, such as dental implants, dentures and bridges. For each option, regular maintenance is necessary for your new teeth to last as long as possible. We can provide this care during your regular checkups while making sure there aren’t any problems.

What If I Have a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be anything from a persistent toothache to cracked enamel or a knocked-out tooth. In each of these cases, time is of the essence; you won’t have time to wait until your next appointment! Call us as soon as possible; our team will make arrangements for you to come to the office as soon as possible. They can also provide you with first aid tips over the phone so that you can mitigate the damage and stay as comfortable as possible before you can receive care.

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