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Ann Arbor Diastema Treatment Options

While celebrities like Anna Paquin and Laurence Fishburne are making their diastema, gap between teeth, work for them, this cosmetic flaw can be indicative of bigger oral health problems. If you want to close the gap between your teeth, call the trusted Ann Arbor dentist, Diana H. Cocco, DDS, and her dental caring team to schedule a treatment consultation today. We’ll examine your smile, review your treatment options, answer any questions you may have, and partner with you to create a plan to deliver a flawless, evenly spaced smile. We look forward to helping you get the gorgeous, healthy smile you deserve.

What is Diastema?

Diastema is the scientific name for gaps between teeth. The majority of people see gaps between their upper front two teeth. However, diastema can occur between any top or bottom teeth. While it is often just a harmless cosmetic irregularity, diastema may also lead to serious oral health concerns that need to be addressed.

How Does Diastema Affect Overall Oral Health?

Man with flawless smileAnytime teeth aren’t properly aligned, the surrounding teeth receive additional pressure during chewing that can lead to increased risk for chips, cracks, and dental wear. Additionally, surrounding teeth may shift to fill in the space, causing the bite to become more severely misaligned. In order to ensure optimal oral health, diastema should be treated by a dental professional.

Treatment Options

For many patients, a simple, cosmetic solution will close the gap between teeth and perfect the smile. For others, more advanced orthodontic treatments are recommended. The following are some of the treatment options available for patients with diastema:

Happy couple with attractive smiles
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