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Dental Bridges Bridges the Gap in Ann Arbor Smiles

Can More Than One Tooth Be Replaced Together?

Bridges are strong, natural-looking dental restorations that are designed to replace multiple teeth in a row that have been lost. Because they’re anchored in place with the help of crowns over adjacent healthy teeth, patients don’t have to worry about their new bridge becoming loose or causing them trouble. It feels and looks like the rest of your confident smile!

Why Should I Get a New Dental Bridge?

Model of smile with fixed bridge restorationOver time, empty spaces in your smile can spell trouble, as nearby natural teeth will start to shift to fill them. Thankfully, bridges keep this from happening. Their placement can also restore your natural biting strength and the relationship between your rows of upper and lower teeth. In addition to traditional bridges, our team also offers implant-retained bridges for added permanence and longevity.

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