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Dental Bridges – Ann Arbor, MI

How You Can Bridge the Gap in Your Smile

Bridges are strong, natural-looking dental restorations that are designed to replace teeth that have been lost. Because they’re anchored in place with the help of crowns over adjacent healthy teeth, patients don’t have to worry about their new bridge becoming loose or causing them trouble. It feels and looks like the rest of your confident smile. If you are missing one or multiple consecutive teeth, give Dr. Cocco a call today to schedule an appointment!

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dentist designing a dental bridge in Ann Arbor

A dental bridge is a complex restoration consisting of several dental crowns that have been fused together to create one larger tooth replacement. The dental crowns on either end of the bridge are hollowed out so they can fit on top of natural teeth that are slightly modified to accommodate the restoration. If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row, a dental bridge can effectively fill the gap, make your smile complete, and allow you to eat more of your favorite foods without concern.

Types of Dental Bridges

Diagram highlighting a dental bridge in Ann Arbor

Until you’ve completed a dedicated consultation with a dentist, you can’t know for sure if dental bridges are right for you period, let alone the type of bridge you should choose. However, if we do determine that a dental bridge is the best option for replacing teeth, you’ll need to consider either a traditional or implant bridge. Both these options provide their own unique benefits depending on your specific needs – we encourage you to read more about them below.

Traditional Dental Bridge

A traditional bridge will require removal of existing enamel to place. This ensures the restoration sits properly within your mouth and does not shift around while in use. With that said, this is the more affordable solution for your tooth loss compared to treatments that utilize dental implants.

Implant Bridge

In addition to traditional bridges, our team also offers implant bridges for added permanence and longevity. Prior to receiving your restoration, a pair of implants are surgically placed into your jaw and given time to heal over the next several months. Once you’ve healed, the bridge is then attached. Since the implants do all of the heavy lifting, there’s no need to modify existing enamel.

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

Older woman with a dental bridge in Ann Arbor smiling outside

Over time, empty spaces in your smile can spell trouble, as nearby natural teeth will start to shift to fill them. This is a common side effect that occurs no matter how many teeth you may be missing. After enough time, your teeth can become misaligned and your bite uneven, putting disproportionate stress onto your teeth and jaw joints. Thankfully, bridges keep this from happening.

Their placement can also restore your natural biting strength (particularly with implant bridges) and the relationship between your rows of upper and lower teeth. If you want to enjoy more meals and not have to worry as much about breaking down food when chewing, tooth replacement is a must, whether it’s by receiving dental bridges or another tooth replacement.

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