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Dental Crowns Completing Ann Arbor Smiles

What Are My Options to Repair a Tooth?

Dental crowns are high-quality restorations that are designed to be placed over the top of a tooth. They’re used to restore teeth that have been badly injured, heavily decayed, dangerously weakened, or otherwise in need of additional support. The crown is designed to cover the entire visible structure of the tooth while preserving the structure that remains. With a new crown in place, patients can enjoy their fully restored and functional tooth once more without worry! If you’re struggling with a smile that isn’t at its best, don’t hesitate to contact our Ann Arbor location today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Cocco.

What Happens When I Need a New Dental Crown?

Custom dental crown on a tableFirst, our team will need to slightly reduce the size of your tooth to successfully accommodate the new crown. We will then take a detailed impression and send that impression to a trusted dental laboratory, who will create your new, custom-made restoration. In the meantime, Dr. Cocco will provide you with a temporary crown so that the altered tooth is well-protected. Finally, when we receive the finished crown from the lab, we’ll make any necessary adjustments before cementing it in place. This process typically requires two appointments that are spaced a few weeks apart.

How Do I Care for My New Crown?

Woman brushing teethAs long as you care for it properly, your new dental crown should last for years. We strongly recommend that you brush and floss carefully around the tooth to avoid a build-up of plaque in the area. Also, exercise caution when eating foods that are overly tough or chewy.

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